Increase Awareness of Your Services

Public Relations. Targeted PR plans. Media contact and communication packages featuring your Five Ws and newsworthiness. Community outreach, employee and member relations. See our PR Tips.

Business Communications. Websites and Blogs. Reports. Case Studies. Brochures. Newsletters. PowerPoints. Connect with your target consumers, internal and external publics.

Articles and Books. Articles that explain and sell to establish your credibility…with your byline. Books on how-to, corporate milestones or your story…we can help you write your book and publicize it.

Consider your possibilities and potential. Sally Chapralis can produce content that sells, publicity that connects, articles that involve readers, or a program that attracts new business.

We’ll tell your customers how great you are with creativity that engages, experience that gives you confidence, and the service you expect – in good times or changing times. Let’s work together!



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