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Women Appreciate the Car-Go Placer in Their Pick-Up Trucks, Vans and SUVs

Rhonda Jones says she never dreamed how much she would depend on her Car-Go Placer to keep her vehicle organized.

“First of all, I installed it myself – you don’t have to get in your truck bed to do it. I flipped the lever and it was very simple,” Rhonda says. “I can finally use my truck for grocery shopping without things rolling around or have to tie them down because the Car-Go Placer gate holds everything secure. You can use it at either end of the bed, back or front, or anywhere in your SUV or van. It’s so versatile that I can quickly adapt it to any load. When my friends see it and imagine all of their needs, they want one, too.”

The Car-Go Placer is a versatile vehicle accessory that solves the universal problem of spills and damage caused by “loose loads” in the back of pick-up trucks, van and SUVS. Whether your loads are outdoor and sporting gear, groceries or soccer mom equipment, coolers and food, you can keep everything in place and organized. Simply lift, lock and load for a perfect truck bed divider.

From top-of-the-rail to bottom-of-the-bed (fitting over wheel wells, too), the Car-Go Placer is a completely adjustable gate system with no assembly or mounting hardware required. Constructed of heavy duty plastic, anodized aluminum and stainless steel components, the Car-Go is lightweight and built to last. It is available in four sizes to fit most pick-ups, vans and SUVs, and it’s reasonably priced, a great gift and a year-round money-saver.

For more information on sizes, prices, FAQs, and where to find Car-Go Placers, head to





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