Volunteering — Rewards & New Opportunities

Volunteering for a nonprofit organization offers many benefits: supporting a nonprofit’s mission, discovering a personal passion, meeting new people who share your interests, increasing your professional skills, or finding a new job.

One of the ways we choose our volunteer experiences is by first using a nonprofit’s services for specific needs, which reflects Jill Minetz’s experience with Tuesday’s Child Chicago, a nonprofit that helps families address children’s behavioral challenges and concerns through individualized training for both parents and children. tuesdayschildchicago.org

“I was referred to Tuesday’s Child more than 30 years ago, when my first child was just three years old, “Jill explains. “Our daughter and I had a terrific relationship until we had a second child. Given the fact that my eldest daughter no longer received my full attention, critical behavioral issues developed. I needed professional help to learn how to address my behavior…as well as my daughter’s…and chose Tuesday’s Child because it works with parents and children simultaneously.”

When their family’s issues settled down – offering new insights and approaches – Jill saw that other parents, who had also benefited from the nonprofit’s services, decided to volunteer in its Parents Training Parents program. After going through the training, she has been volunteering for 32 years.

Jill offers advice about volunteering. “Know yourself. Why do you want to volunteer for a particular nonprofit? What type of commitment can you handle…one or more times per week, just for special fundraisers, or something else? What are your goals and interests, and do they complement the nonprofit’s?

The following resources can help you find mutually rewarding volunteer experiences and new opportunities.

Why Volunteer? 


How to Choose a Volunteer Experience

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