50 Jobs in 50 States

“Can’t Find a Job? Try Fifty!” In his book, 50 Jobs in 50 States – One Man’s Journey of Discovery Across America, Daniel Seddiqui explains “how I turned rejection into opportunity and dreams into reality” in 50 weeks.

As a new college graduate who pursued every job opportunity he could find, Daniel slowly realized that “failing forty-plus job interviews was the best thing that had ever happened to me” because “I would never have started my journey if I had not failed at all those interviews…I learned not to fear failure, and that was my biggest success.”

His book describes the journey and jobs, each chosen because it reflected the economy or culture of the state. Daniel also explains what he learned through his experiences: perseverance – dealing with rejection; risk-taking – uncertainty; adaptability – engaging yourself/finding solutions; networking – more people, more opportunities; and endurance – active mind and body.

Even if it’s not your approach – and all you want is one job in one state – Daniel Seddiqui’s 50 Jobs in 50 States is an engaging book that offers encouraging insights and possibilities. Daniel and his journey have been featured in dozens of media features, and his book has received positive reviews.  Here’s a very small sample of his 1st Person PR.

Daniel Seddiqui’s website: www.livingthemap.com






Article in Failure magazine: http://failuremag.com/index.php/feature/article/50_jobs_in_50_states/

Here’s to your success!

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