Stand-Up Comedian Sees Funny Side of Life

“I wasn’t the class clown, but I was always a naturally funny kid who loved comedy,” says Peter Lipsey, stand-up comedian.

Little did Peter know that he would turn his funny bent into a paying gig that makes audiences laugh.

After receiving his college degree in journalism in the mid-1980s, focusing on radio and TV, Peter held writing positions at radio stations, magazines and an advertising agency. “It wasn’t until I worked part-time as a bartender at a club that held ‘open mic’ competitions that I decided to try stand-up.” The first time Peter took the stage with the “I can do that” spirit, he went 15 minutes over the time limit not knowing that the flashing red light was telling him to get off the stage.

His part-time, stand-up experience progressed from three-minute to 15-minute gigs, and Peter decided to hit the road full time – first as an Opener, then moving up to Middle man, and ultimately, Headliner. “It’s rewarding when you make people laugh and possibly make them feel better. I truly love writing jokes, telling them, and having the audience laugh.”

After four years of full time funny business, Peter married and began having children. “I became a Realtor and returned to doing comedy part time.” (One would imagine that, in today’s real estate market, having a sense of humor helps?!)

With 17 years of experience under his belt, Peter has found his audience. His delivery “comes right out of the old school: premise, setup and punch line. If you get it–great. If not–sorry they canceled Hee-Haw!”

Peter’s experience includes clubs, private get-togethers in living rooms, and corporations, and he does his best to tailor it to an audience. For example, “before I do a corporate gig, I learn more about the industry and the company, so the humor really rings true and they appreciate it.”

He and his writing partners have completed three screenplays and are finishing up a fourth. “We are listening to all offers!”

“Humor has always been part of my psyche, and through the years I’ve done my time and never bailed out.”

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