Ready to Launch or Recharge Your Business?

In his new book, Launch: How to Quickly Propel Your Business Beyond the Competition, Michael A. Stelzner explains that “People don’t want to be pitched to, marketed to, or herded like cattle. People do want information, answers, access, and recognition—and they want it all for free.” 

Thus, if you want to recharge and grow your business, apply the elevation principle: “the process of meeting the core desires of prospects and customers by helping them solve their basic problems at no cost.” Launch explains how to do this by “creating rich, magnetic content” that attracts potential customers, influencers and opportunities. The elevation principle improves “your reputation, marketplace standing, and, yes, revenues.”

Stelzner has proven this through his own success stories. For example, in 2009 he launched the very popular, which features industry experts, interviews, ideas, tips, case studies, and other resources to help readers.  “We didn’t talk about what we were selling, and we didn’t talk about ourselves at all, “Stelzner says. “Instead, we identified the areas where our readers needed the most help and, simply, helped them.”

Social Media Examiner’s initial goal was to establish 10,000 email subscribers, targeting business owners and marketers. By the end of the first 12 months, had acquired 40,000 email subscribers and, according to Advertising Age and Technorati, became one of the world’s top 25 business blogs. “We also earned more than a million dollars in our first 12 months, directly attributed to our efforts—well beyond our little company’s expectations.”

“I am not a social media expert,” Stelzner says. “I’m a publisher of highly valuable content, I’m a connector, and I believe we have created a movement that made Social Media Examiner successful. I’ve become a smarter business person who knows how to grow things.”

Growing things includes the popular Success Summits. Participants learn from experts who offer clear guidelines, resources and suggestions to all businesses and nonprofits wanting to maximize their social media activity. Their targeted feedback ranges from establishing your media and its content to targeting, marketing, capturing, and monitoring followers and results.

Learn much more about giving your customers what they want and need (not hard sell) with primary and nuclear fuel (compelling content) through Launch.  For step-by-step, field-tested guidance, case studies, examples, and a free download chapter, head to

By the way, one of Michael Stelzner’s goals is to write children’s books. “I’m a story-teller. I’ve always had an imagination and creativity and  find inspiration all around me.” You will, too.

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    You may need a financial planner (not me?!) who can explain the difference between chapters 7 and 13 and credit card debt. Once you resolve these issues, you’ll be inspired by Launch.

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