Digital Age for Every Age at Your Public Library

Whatever your interests or age, your public library can help you communicate in the digital age through a medium that works for you.

Digital Media Lab experts at the Skokie Public Library in Illinois offer state-of-the-art technology and equipment so individuals can express themselves and achieve their goals in rewarding ways they may not have considered.

“Students appreciate the lab’s resources for assignments that encourage them to acquire 21st Century Skills,” says Director Carolyn Anthony. “For example, one student used a library flip cam to record a presentation video on sign language.”

Lab experts have helped patrons scan slides and convert them for digital use. When a young woman wanted to pay homage to a deceased relative, she created and edited a video at the lab. Young kids, doing a rap, used the lab’s full range of equipment and resources for musical composition, blending tracks, editing, and taking advantage of software offering lots of background “green screen” possibilities…including haunted houses.

Every age group learns more in the library’s ongoing small group, digital media classes, such as the upcoming Garage Band for Beginners, iMovie for Beginners, Touching up Old Photos and Photoshop Elements.

“If you’re in business,” Carolyn points out, “we’ll help you develop a video promo. You can do it in our digital lab, or you can check out a flip cam, hard drive and tri-pod.”

Want feedback on your website, podcasts or other digital media challenges? You might Drop in at the Genius Bar discussions. And, the Skokie Public Library’s Business Portal offers small business resources to new and experienced entrepreneurs developing business plans or marketing their ventures.

 Looking for a job? Library staff can help you find employment resources, write and update your resume, apply online, and even show you how to connect via video conference. The library’s on The Radar newsletter and business blogger zeroes in on new and exciting technologies.

Yes, your public library’s cutting edge technology helps you acquire 21st Century Skills. But your library also offers endless opportunities to develop your potential and achieve your goals in other ways, as you will see in upcoming posts.

In the meantime, check out a book …or an eReader?!

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