Entrepreneurial Spirits from Youngsters to Seniors

Entrepreneurs usually start their own businesses because they see opportunities and needs in the marketplace that trigger their interests. Or, they work for an organization that values their entrepreneurial savvy and contribution to company goals.

The entrepreneurial spirit can also apply to individuals facing the business of everyday life. They see alternatives, take initiative, make sound decisions, create new strategies or techniques, and assume the risk of innovation when exploring approaches to life’s challenges.

Meet some entrepreneurs who reflect all ages and stages of life experiences, from pre-school motivated kids with ideas, to baby boomers and older who thought they had retired but then took new directions.

►Ready to Become an Entrepreneur?

“What’s the Best Age to Launch a Start-Up? Founders Young and Old Tell Us”


►Are You an Entrepreneurial Spirit?

“Spirit of the Entrepreneur – These 5 characteristics will take you far as you start your business”.


►Entrepreneurial Kids & Finance Prodigies

“10 Successful Kid Entrepreneurs under the Age of 13”


“9 Young Entrepreneurs Who Became Personal Finance Prodigies”


►Entrepreneurial Adults

“ Older Entrepreneurs find new niches and potential in start-ups”


“The entrepreneurs over 70 taking the business world by storm”



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