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Your First Person Public Relations

Tuesday, November 15th, 2016

For various reasons, every so often most of us re-evaluate our lifestyles and explore possibilities that might exist and offer new opportunities in our lives. In our explorations, we may discover a new road and our next chapter, or we may confirm that we’re doing exactly what’s right for us.

Here are a few personal and professional suggestions that offer insights that could help you with your First Person Public Relations goals.

►When Strangers Meet, book by author Kio Stark

►“Ink Factory graphic artist shows that doodling can be your career,” Blue Sky, Chicago Tribune

►“To Be a Lot Happier, Stop Doing as Many of These 11 Things as You Possibly Can,” by Jeff Haden, Contributing Editor, Inc. Magazine.

►“Dream Job or Sweatshop? 12 Things to Look for When You Interview,” by Jessica Stiillman, contributor to  Inc.. Magazine

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Time to “Brand” New You

Thursday, September 10th, 2015

Branding is receiving lots of attention. Is it time to create a brand for yourself or reconsider your current one?

Your brand evolves over time, reflecting a personal and professional commitment to your goals, beliefs and the expectations of others. A brand is what we (consumers, employers, colleagues, friends and family) trust you for.

Each of us has a personal brand – characteristics and experience we offer. Many, many articles and books discuss personal branding and the importance of authenticity and trust, and here are a few that offer insights and advice as you consider your approaches.

► “Personal Branding Guerrilla Style…Shape Up Your Brand with Attitude,” Chapter 2, Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters 3.0, by Jay Conrad Levinson and David Perry, John Wiley & Sons.

► Branding and the “Me” Economy, The New York Times,

► Branding Gets Personal for These Job Seekers, The Wall Street Journal,

► Your Personal Brand Needs a Growth Strategy, Entrepreneur Magazine,

► Rethink “brand you,” and find your authentic self, Forbes Magazine,

► Clients Want Authenticity – Your brand needs to reflect the real you,

► Is your business [brand] male or female?

► Your Brand – My Gut Feeling and Trust,

► Brand New You,

► Personal Branding (Perspectives),

Ready for a “brand” new you?

Rookie or Seasoned Pro – Time to Change

Tuesday, October 7th, 2014

I’m not a “rookie” (not young enough), but despite my professional experience, I regularly feel like a “newbie” in today’s ever-changing techie world. So, when I read Rex W. Huppke’s  I Just Work Here column on how to “Keep your edge with ‘rookie smarts’,” I identified.  Maybe you do, too?!

Read it for yourself — — and here are some highlights.

“Your cluelessness may be giving you a competitive advantage. …That sounds silly, but consider the benefits of confusion. It prompts you to work harder to make sense of things. It forces you to ask questions, to always seek a foothold of understanding.”

“Consider,” Huppke suggests, “ this excerpt from Liz Wiseman’s upcoming book, Rookie Smarts.  … While experience provides a distinct advantage in a stable field – like the realms of bridge building, ballet, or concert piano performance – it can actually impede progress in an unstable or rapidly evolving arena. When the world is changing quickly, experience can actually become a curse, trapping us in old ways of doing and knowing, while inexperience can be a blessing, freeing us to improvise and adapt quickly to changing circumstances.”

If you’re looking for a competitive edge (college grad or seasoned pro), your ability to quickly adapt and a “rookie mindset” are definitely advantages and keys to ongoing success. (Notice that this blog post is shorter than I usually write?!)

If you would like to share your 1st Person PR rookie experience, I’m listening?