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Sally Chapralis offers you broad communications experience and perspectives…from journalism and public relations to business and marketing communications. She has worked on staff and as a consultant helping entrepreneurs and large corporations, professional associations, and a variety of nonprofit organizations achieve their communication goals.

Sally’s “flashing” portfolio (right) reflects a sample of her skills and experience. She writes for B2B and consumer media…from construction to health care. Whether serving as creative director or focused on writing, Sally develops website content, reports, case studies, newsletters, and marketing materials for a variety of clients. After researching and writing an organization’s 50th anniversary book, Sally also created successful post-publication, national PR. See What We Can Do For You and Sally's blog, 1st Person PR.

Business. Sally began her career as an editor/writer for several B2B magazines in the construction industry. Her journalism experience led to other positions and projects in urban development, real estate, and a variety of B2B and B2C markets. Sally also covers industry association trade shows…from public relations to convention dailies.

Associations. Sally Chapralis & Associates has worked with professional associations to attract new members and communicate with current members through website content, articles, brochures, newsletters, daily member briefs, public relations and media materials. Sally's credits include significant experience in the health care field.

Nonprofit Organizations. Sally Chapralis & Associates has helped social service agencies, faith-based nonprofits and government organizations respond to their diverse constituencies’ needs and maintain ongoing communication with their publics.

Teaching. Sally Chapralis has taught public relations and business communication courses to college students for more than 20 years. She has also led on-site employee workshops and has participated in professional panel discussions.

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